What are we, what strange kinship unites us?

We have known each other for more than ten years. We were just over twenty years old when we shared the same geographic space in the framework of the artistic residencies organized by EspIRA / La Espora. Over the years, and in the current situation, this virtual space is not the exception to continue with collaborative management, support, and thinking around the creation and research spaces.
We recognize that the way to make our art production survive is by doing it together because our context is fragile, doubtful, desertic, and we do not want to stop thinking of art as our tool for work, thought, and action.

What are we doing? We tried a lot. We are capitalizing on the years of sharing in different scenarios of contemporary art in Central America. The idea of an artistic region has been taking shape thanks to various institutions and projects, that built bridges and networks. We feel that the time has come to review our practices and understand the community from ourselves. These are complex times. The current health crisis means a real setback in the things achieved, the economic crisis has swept away the capacities that the medium had created, such as the continuity of personal research processes, collective projects, planned events, and artistic production usually. We don’t want to let our production to shut down, so we will try harder.

Our motivation is to think in actions. We are five artists in their thirties, whose most representative link is sharing the vision of the future that touches us as a generation. Our countries have not yet come out of the crisis. There is evidence that suggests the future is not favorable, with the economic and social problems that will affect us directly.

Our proposal is a trench. To respond to this circumstance with the most important political act: to keep the artistic production of each member afloat in their context and hopefully collaborate with more colleagues in the future.