Wasn’t like that in school stories? We have found Friendship and a Support Network within Cultural work.
Or Cultural work within Friendship. Here is the evidence:

2010 - 2020

EspIRA / La Espora, In 2007 this space appeared for the meeting of Central American artists, under a scheme of Artistic Residencies and traveling exhibitions. We coincide in this regional dynamic, in different years, allowing many subsequent processes and projects.

Cultural Centers of Spain (throughout the region). The fabric of Cultural Centers of Spain in Central America, under the cultural cooperation system of the Government of Spain, manages spaces throughout the region. These spaces have allowed us to generate exchanges, share ideas between artists from different countries, in exhibitions, workshops, and residencies.

The Central American Biennial of Visual Arts (traveling through the countries). A meeting point has also been the cycle of Biennales de Centroamérica. Being a selection process by national quotas that rotated between the countries allowed us many times to meet in the exhibition processes, in the talks and theory events, and other activities.

The International Arts festivals, Costa Rica. The international call has allowed our participation in some editions, where we have also collaborated directly or indirectly, travel to the city of San José, some of us exhibiting, others developing these exhibitions, visualization collaborations.

The biennial in Resistencia, Guatemala. It’s a young event, rooted in the context of our countries. In its first edition, some of us find ourselves in the evidence that the word resistance and art cannot be indivisible if we speak of Central American territory.

Exhibición LAS que habitan su Territorio, Guatemala. Exhibition Las que habitan su Territorio / Hers that inhabit their Territory, Guatemala. Las Territorio is a project that unites Paulina, Marilyn, and Mariela in an exhibition that dialogues with the art practice and research of Central American female artists, with all the weight of these three words, together imply their edges, encounters, and challenges. In the exhibition, which is now itinerant, we dialogue with more women who, like us, weave ways of self-management to continue producing individually and collectively.

2020 - 2030

〉 Ten years ago, we did not imagine that we would be writing this project together with five heads. In 10 years, we still have a hard time imagining where we will, but we want to give it a try. We have the intuition that only collectivizing our methods, questions, and desires we will be able to continue to produce from our contexts. Because in the individuality we recognize the fragility of our practice. This fragility has been our form of resistance for years, creating and doing with whatever we have. However, given the current world crisis, the threads that weave our possibilities to continue generating art and educational processes have been weaker than ever. And we resist.