Darwin Andino

(Honduras, 1983) (Lives and works in Honduras). Artist and visual communicator. Master in Fine Arts. Develops strategies for art education for the Experimental School of Art EAT. Coordinates creative processes and research in the laboratory Lab de Cosas. He is a founding member of the RACA network, Red del Arte en el Centro de América. Creativity specialist, researcher for academic, artistic and advertising purposes. He has worked as a university professor, creative director, and professional artist. He worked as Coordinator and developer of regional projects for the EspIRA La ESPORA art school and research center. He co-founded the art collective and creativity agency Veinti3.

Project: Political correctness

It is a debate on the power of money, based on the symbolism of BITCOIN. It seeks to perpetuate a code in time, like the wisdom stored in the Sumerian tablets, like the golden discs launched into the universe by Carl Sagan. It is putting a conceptual finger on the wounds of a system: it forces governments to dialogue about this new way of understanding monetary exchanges. 
The project opens, from the Contemporary Art, a political gap in the heart of our economies, forged with worthless paper money. Political Correction is the creation of a new currency called CLAY-BTC (Clay BITCOIN) that has its own encryption in the art world. Transfer the BITCOIN exchanges to the world of the tangible. The coin is the result of a relational process, with self-imposed rules that give it meaning.