Mariela Richmond

Art-educator. Master of Arts with an emphasis in Performing Arts from the University of Costa Rica. She studied Visual Arts and education at the same institution, where she is now a professor of the Dramatic Arts career and coordinator of the group La Efe, Artistic Practices. 
Co-founder of the Laboratories for the Memory of the Performing Arts. She is part of the Art-Education collective La Ruidosa Oficina. In 2013 he won the Costa Rican National Award in Theater for Best Set Design. He has participated in more than 25 group exhibitions in Costa Rica, Mexico, Cuba, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia and Panama. In 2019 he represented Costa Rica, together with the Memory Foundation for the Performing Arts in the Quadrennial of Scenographic Space in Prague, Czech Republic. 
He has received work grants for his artistic practice from different stays, both in work residencies and in the management of art and education processes: University of Costa Rica, National University of Costa Rica, Theoretical Foundation, Prince Claus Foundation, Cultural Center of Spain in collaboration with Plataforma Caníbal (Colombia), Mujeres en las Artes (Spain), Building Bridges Art Exchange (USA) and Casa Caníbal (Costa Rica).

Project: The harvest will surely come

Close to the ground, the processes continue. 
The land and the seeds are a huge ecosystem where everything grows hand in hand. 
Remove the weeds from around to see germinate vigorously.
Make holes in the surface, to be able to sow and allow other lives to happen.

We live in different times, again an important cord is laid between the rural world and the urban world, and that we cannot lose, in the project I am interested in tracing a process that places between art and education with actions that consolidate the work of ant , political work, artisan work that revolves around sowing. 
As a Pancha Rodríguez (one of the founders of Via Campesina) writes in an interview they did some time ago: As in the times of sowing, (in the present time) it is necessary to rotate, add new views, meet again with old seeds for a new humanity, make, remake, sprout, re-sprout, keep being born, keep dreaming and unlocking, healing from so much pesticide, prejudice and dependency.