Moisés Mora

Visual Artist and Architect, lives and works in Nicaragua. His work explores visual narrative based on drawing through analog and digital media. Space, memory and context are some of the recurring themes in his work. Since 2018 it has been developing the SobreVivencias project that seeks the preservation of Memory within the context of the sociopolitical crisis that began that year in Nicaragua and continues to date. Member of the Collective Veinti3 and founder of Bric Arquitectos. Member of EspIRA (Space for Research and Artistic Reflection).

Project: Survival

Polarization has been one of the main characteristics of Nicaraguan society in the last 200 years and, together with the alienation of the Other from Political discourse, it has been one of the main causes of a series of social outbreaks and civil wars in the country.
From this reality, SobreVivencias arises, an artistic project on the Preservation of Memory and a critique of the mechanisms of homogenization and simplification that, from El Poder, are made of the individual and their history. The project consists of a series of videos in which different people relate a significant moment for them, which occurred during the socio-political crisis unleashed in Nicaragua from April 2018 until the current Pandemic.
The audios are accompanied by animations that are not intended to illustrate, but to accompany and dialogue with the story we hear. The people participating in the project have different political positions and diverse opinions, visions more complex than the oversimplified versions of official speeches. Survivencias tries to give rise to those subjectivities that are almost never found in the media or in the narratives of the agents of Power in conflict.